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Race Report: Ocean Sierra a Multi-Day Enduro in Mexico

Feb 27, 2022

Over the last few years, TranSierra Norte has been, by far the pinnacle of multi-day enduro racing in México, however, when Mexican MTB pioneers and founders of TSN decided they wanted to give riders and racers from all around the globe, a different experience, in a different region of this magical, culturally rich, mega biodiverse nation, the MTB world knew they were on to something unique. La Sierra Madre Occidental is a Mountainous Region in the state of Jalisco, located very close to the coast and with an international airport located in Puerto Vallarta. This region had a lot to offer in terms of elevation, trail variety and overall cultural richness.

bigquotesSurfing trails and cruising waves was the philosophy behind the event. We started at the beach and ended at the beach, where the relaxing sound of the pacific swell and white sand just recharge your soul with positive energy.

"Building trails in México and developing riding areas has always been a huge challenge. Part of this is due to our historical past. In the Mexican Revolution, there were a lot of conflicts regarding use of land. When exploring new areas in these remote places and lost-in-time "pueblos", some of these revolutionary ideas still prevail. We are lucky enough to work with long-time locals that have put their heart and soul in the development of trails in these remote places in coexistence with local communities. It is amazing to have the opportunity to support the growth of the sport, while also making these outspoken, hard to access riding areas easy to get to for people from all over the world. This definitely makes our races and tours stand out, providing a true and pure experience in the deepest corners of Mexico."

For our first edition, riders from 8 different countries adventured through 4 days of blind backcountry racing, 17 stages, 4 different riding areas and 2 base camps. With a mix of shuttles and pedaling, warm weather, dry conditions and drastic changes in altitude through the duration of the race, the level of competitiveness we experienced was incredible. But with our events, it's not all about the racing. Riders indulged in traditional food, discovered Raicilla, the typical agave drink of the region and discovered magical places like Mascota, Sayulita, and San Sebastián del Oeste.

Stage-transfer-views... not too shabby ehh?

Day 1 Puerto Vallarta
Results: Day 1

Puerto Vallarta is a well-known touristic town on the west coast. Famous for all-inclusive resorts, nightlife, bars, and restaurants. People wouldn't really think of Mountain Bike riding there. However, if you drive a couple of minutes outside of town to El Jorullo, you will find steep, off-camber, punchy trails developed by ENVA, a Puerto Vallarta MTB association committed to building trails.

Riders raced 5 physical and long stages with fast, off-camber, and technical sections, and got a taste of the Mexican Anti Grip. Tires were slicing loose and dry dirt. After stage 5, riders went down to the river to cool off, enjoy cold brews, coconut water, and ceviche (Mexican seafood). After that, riders started hitting the road to Base Camp 1 in Mascota.

We would like to dedicate this race to Filipe Caldeira who could not finish the event due to a previous injury that got complicated on the first day of racing. We wish you all the best and hope to see you riding with us soon

Iago Garay with his eyes on the beers!

After the intense heat and demanding stages, finishing here is just heaven!

Day 2 Mascota
Results: Day 2

In the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental lies a town known as "The Emerald of the Sierra" Mascota is one of the small towns in the Sierra Madre that looks like it got lost in time. In between deep green mountains and under the sun, Mascota showcases some of the most unique riding in the country.

Our morning started with a delicious Mexican breakfast, followed by some serious backcountry racing. A mix of shuttles, long stages with some punchy climbs in between, and uphill singletrack. Riders had a long day out in the saddle.

The last 2 stages of the day: "Intrepida 1'' and "Intrepida 2" were a proper way to end the second day of racing. A Long, loose, rocky, and technical descent with a Hike-A-Bike in the middle was a proper way to put riders to the test before dinner, where riders devoured some "Carnitas" (Mexican sweet pork dish) and cold beer. After a flavorful dinner, riders were taken to base camp 1 to rest and get ready for the second half of the trip.

Day 3 San Sebastián del Oeste
Results: Day 3

San Sebastián del Oeste is another "Ghost town" in the Sierra Madre Region. Known for the extraction of copper, gold and silver during the 18th century, with a very vibrant town center, breathtaking views; long, steep, and rough trails.

The third day of racing was one to remember, riders enjoyed the natural steepness of the terrain in San Sebastian after doing a lot of sprinting to maintain speed or scrub some seconds off during the stages of the first two days. After the first 3 stages of the day, riders went down to "Tesoro del Oeste" a Raicilla Distillery where they had lunch and learned about the production process of this unique agave spirit. To wrap up racing for the day, riders went down "Tesoro", a steep and technical descent that took a toll on everybody's hands. However, the views and sunset on the way to Sayulita helped everybody get in the party ride mood for the next day.
Another event that helped set the mood for the last day of racing was having a dinner party at a surf bar in Sayulita. The stoke from riding and the ocean breeze made everyone enjoy the chill vibes that the pacific swell delivers.

Local young rider Allan Reyes looked strong and confident doing the whole duration of the race.

Ella Connolly looking so fast in all conditions, she crushed the times, just check out her overall time compared to the Pro-Men's category!

Anothe epic finish to an epic day, margaritas for everyone!

Day 4 Sayulita - San Pancho
Results: Day 4

Sayulita has been a very popular destination for international tourists. Known for good surfing, nightlife, and good vibes. The little fishing town in Nayarit does not only have waves to surf, but also a fun and well-built trail system created by Wildmex. Short, steep, and loose, the trails in Sayulita were definitely a great dance floor for a fair bit of party riding to end the race in style.

Riders rode down 3 stages, with party trains going down, after-stage high-fives being given, and all-round smiles. The energy was very high. The event was wrapped up in the beach at San Pancho, a neighboring town where cold brews, fresh seafood, live music, and good times were had. The sound of waves crashing mixed with the white sand in the rider's feet and the happiness that 2 wheeled off-road vehicles brought us during the last 4 days made the evening magical. Riders compared their times and shared their happiness under the shade, waiting for the award ceremony.

Myles Trainer getting loose during a classic Mexican party train.

From top to bottom, left to right: Women: 1st Ella Conolly, 2nd Ingrid Larouche, 3rd Vanessa Voss, Pro-men: 1st Iago Garay, 2nd John Ricardson, 3rd Alan Reyes, Open: 1st Jose Luis Rebolledo, 2nd Alex Fricke, 3rd Hugo Reyes, Open 40: 1st Matt Patterson, 2nd Javier Chavez, 3rd Rodrigo Barriga
Overall Results

Racing in Mexico is all about immersing in the energy, culture, and traditions this beautiful country has available to discover. Navigating through the ruts and finding the flow, like water running through a river. And even though our trail systems are not perfect, our trail infrastructure is still way behind and the accessibility of our riding areas is still questionable. We still managed to create an event where people from all over the world can enjoy the beauty of Mexico and share their passion for bikes, in a place where the elements of nature combine for the perfect ride.

We want to give huge thanks to the amazing community surrounding Ocean Sierra and TSN! Without you guys, these events wouldn't be possible!

See you guys next year! Registration for Ocean Sierra 2023 is open for 60 racers only! We are also now offering year-round tours in the Sierra Madre!
Book now!

We also want to thank our loyal sponsors and supporters, for always having our back, without them, this event would not be possible: Giant Bicycles México, Red Bull, Fox Racing Shox Mexico, Fitzer, DyedBro, Evoc, Bike Logistics, WILDMEX, POC, Bikes&More, Import Bike, WPL, and Kaax Outdoor.


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 As a participant in this event, everything was first class! Food was awesome, beers kept flowing, accommodations were superb, and I would and will definitely do it again. Trails were awesome. Some had some climbs that I would say were too steep for enduro racing but hey it was still fun to be out there racing and riding some new stuff. Do not hesitate to do any races from this group, you will not be disappointed.
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 Moving to Mexico tomorrow. I'm excited to discover the riding there. Now I just need a bike haha
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 Such a good race with great people, delicious food, epic views, and chill vibes. 10/10 would recommend!
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 Great event! What a nice escape from winter it was for us Canadians!! Put this one on your to do list.
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 I lived in Sayulita for a year. The trails there are surprisingly good and super fun! Not many places in the world where you can surf, or ride from your front door. Miss it!
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 Nice! I lived there for a bit in '16. Rode some of the local trails on my own, in retrospect kinda shouldn't have because of the hungry jungle kitties!
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 Dope! Gonna join next year!
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 Looks amazing!
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 That was fun!
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