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Video: Aaron Gwin's Tips to Improve your Cornering

Feb 27, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA simple but detailed explanation of how to achieve the correct body position when cornering in flat turns and more. In my opinion, this is one of the most important techniques to learn when riding a mountain bike and should be learned before pretty much any other technique or skill. Hope it helps!Aaron Gwin


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 Cathro + Gwin = mtb win!
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 I could practice this 12 hours a day for 5 years, I'll still not corner like Gwin.
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 True, but you (and anyone else that did that) would probably corner a lot better than you do now Smile
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 Most important fundamental technique in biking. Another great comparison is DH skiing. Basically the same position.
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 I suck at skiing... like, bad. But thankfully, I'm still ok on a bike.
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 Is that Chuck Norris ?
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 Chuck Norris is such a bad ass. A cobra bit Chuck Norris and the cobra died from a over dose of bad ass
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 When Chuck grows up he hopes to be like Gwin.
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 Phil nailed this video so well 5yrs ago. That guy really did an amazing job and was a bit ahead of his time
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 This is the only video I've seen that shows how one should rotate your front foot 90deg forwards/down instead of 270 backwards/down (essentially switching your stance). It's great to drop your rear foot in turns, to load up on corners, but to do it quickly you can really only do it while turning one direction, dictated by your stance... Anyway, fun to have more things to try!
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 I think he's missing the most important part that Ben cathro covered: making sure you have weight on the front wheel.
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 I think this might be the first in a number of cornering videos, so I assume he will start digging into the nuances of cornering then.
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 You do that through the pedals.
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 But he also taught a different technique to Ben! One as won loads of WC's, the other coached heaps. The pros can never decide drop outside foot or feet flat. I bet Gee teaches totally different as he rides elbows back a lot!!!!
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 I believe there's no single way to corner well. There's surely some things you have to look for when cornering, like weighting the front wheel, and lean the bike, but I guess everyone have to find the cues that work for himself to achieve what you need to do.
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 I wonder how many pinkbikers with poorly-built wheels will repeat his example at 9:00 and see their wheel taco.
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 You dont need to corner on an e-bike, you just corner slow with crap technique and turn up the pedal assist setting to keep the same overall track time. Duh.
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 But.. but... but.. outside foot down is "XC technique"!!! Sorry Jeremy, had to do it.
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 Great Stuff, Thanks Aaron.
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 “Gwornering” — and if you say it fast enough, it almost sounds like cornering =P
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 Great stuff!
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 great info!
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 ...can you corner on a non-ebike? Cause I don't respect ebikes
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 Loved it!
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